• The aim of the Association is to raise the standards of the legal
    profession to be in line with international best practices and ethics.

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  • "Mazaya" is a discount program designed exclusively for members of the Qatari Lawyers Association and their employees. Through this program, members and their families can benefit from a wide range of services and offers that aim to facilitate access to various discounts.

  • The Association’s membership includes
    Qatari lawyers who are registered with the Ministry of Justice.

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  • More than 17 years of community service

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We have set
our sights on
serving Qatar

We will work with dedication
and sincerity to serve
the QLA members and take
care of their social and
economic interests
The chairman's words

The legal profession is based on knowledge

experience and morals, offering its services to everyone in need, regardless of their nationality, gender, color or religion. Practicing law is a humanitarian profession that aims to help and assist. Its primary tenets are honesty, compassion and justice; while its principles are upholding the rule of law and promoting its advancement, thereby preserving human dignity and freedom.

Our Objectives


To spread professional awareness among the members of the Association and to preserve the traditions and ethics of the legal profession.


To increase the knowledge of the members of the Association by providing them with relevant and timely information.


To strengthen the relationship between the members of the Association and to develop a spirit of cooperation between them.


Consolidate and strengthen cooperation between lawyers in the State and similar professional organizations, associations and unions in other states.

We will spare no effort to defend the profession and take care of the interests of QLA members, and we will always strive to uphold and raise the status of our noble profession.

Dr. Thani Bin Ali Al Thani


Improve and advance the legal profession

The main purpose of the Qatar Lawyers Association is to support its members’ social and professional interests.
As one of the most important civil society institutions in the State, the Association aims to promote social justice and the rule of law.

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